Mini/Portable Theatre Jukebox goes to NYC

We've built a mini/protable Theatre Jukebox that can fit in a suitcase!

We were approached by Ruth Farrar who wanted to use the Theatre Jukebox design to present a project she was working on in New York. With Jo Lathwood's help we came up with a design that retains the look and feel of the original Jukebox, but in a more compact form. The main differences are that it has a lightweight LED projector and that it doesn't have an integrated seat.

Ruth's project was commissioned by the ACFNY Moving Sounds Festival and took place at the ACFNY Library, on the building’s 4th floor, for the duration of the festival. From Austria to America: A Digital Sound Walk moves beyond the traditional boundaries of a sound walk to digitally take a listener on a journey of personal memories that delve beneath the surface of picture perfect images of the United States. Using headphones, the listener can enter the worlds of Austrians who have moved to America. These personal journeys are mapped out through audio interviews accompanied by a postcard’s minimal visuals to explore universal themes of home sickness, tourist expectations versus the reality of living in a place, and the process of creating a new home away from one’s homeland.

The mini/portable Theatre Jukebox can also display our previous sets of cards and is available for projects close to home or internationally.