Theatre Jukebox presents Heywood Family Archive

Theatre Jukebox presents Heywood Family Archive is an autobiographical story based on a box of family records belonging to the artist's, Barney and Lucy Heywood's family. Their family treasure box is a rich source of inspiration containing letters and drawings, such as those from their Great Grandfather in the Boer War; sketch books that belonged to their Grandfather; photographs taken at his Modernist house; magazines and newspaper clippings including coverage of the moon landings plus diaries, memoirs, wax-stamped letters, parchment papers and artifacts that date back more than 600 years. The resulting work is a fragmented narrative, pieced together by the audience member/s in whatever order they choose to select the cards. It is like snippets of memory or flicking through a photo album, each picture sparking images, associations, snatches of conversations and ideas.

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