Brand New Jukebox for the Museum of Oxford

Earlier this year Oxford City Council commissioned us to build them a Theatre Jukebox of their own, along with three sets of cards. They plan to circulate it around various locations in the city, including The Oxford Museum and The Story Museum, as well as schools and hospitals.

Last week we delivered their Jukebox with the first set of cards. Our first curation looks at Morris Motors and helps to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first Morris motor car to leave the factory at Cowley. The six cards look at the history of the factory and its connection to Oxford.

ear from a Policeman who directed the thousands of workers on bikes traveling to and from work everyday, listen to archive recordings of the old Morris Motors Brass Band, and learn about Lord Nuffield (William Morris) who started it all. This set of cards will be on display at The Museum of Oxford for the next couple of weeks.

The following two curation will be based on Alice in Wonderland and Sport in Oxford. These will be delivered in the next few months. Check back for more information.