Mayfly at Mayfest

Sunday 24th May
3pm at the Mayfest Cafe
(The Kitchen, Silver Street, Bristol)

Come and join us for a gentle round up of Mayfest 2015. This will be an opportunity to hear from a small group of people who have used our new venture, the Mayfly Sound Journal, to document their experiences of the festival. Listen to snippets of audio from their week and hear them talk a bit about what it was like to use the Mayfly. 

A Mayfly Sound Journal allows you to link digital audio recordings to its pages. It is a place to store your memories, thoughts and ideas. Each page has a pocket specially designed to hold tickets, scraps and small souvenirs. It also has plenty of space for you to sketch and make notes. Most importantly, it has an accompanying iPhone app, which allows you to make sound recordings. The Mayfly illustrations printed on the pockets of each page act as image markers, which the app recognizes, linking your journal to your digital recordings. You can look back through your journal and re-live your experiences by holding the app over the pages to trigger your sound recordings.

Mayfly is being developed by Stand + Stare and Prof. Tim Cole through REACT at thePervasive Media Studio, Bristol. This project began life as an interactive installation called Turning the Page, which was presented at Mayfest 2013 in Bristol Central Library.

When you listen instead of just looking, you perceive the world in a whole new way.