Illuminators of Aberdeen

unlock the stories of six remarkable innovators from aberdeen's past via our app

The world-changing stories of Aberdeen’s innovators – from the eminent physicist, James Clerk Maxwell, to the inventors of the MRI scanner – are all waiting to be illuminated through our new interactive app.

Illuminators of Aberdeen uses image recognition and augmented reality software to unlock the stories of six remarkable innovators from Aberdeen’s past. It has been designed to interact with a trail of light boxes in Union Terrace Gardens, Aberdeen during Spectra Festival from 11-14 Feb 2016, but the videos can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime via the Gallery (within the app) or via the trigger images at the bottom of this page.

“It is a fantastic way to learn about the inspiring people who have come from this region and who contributed so much to culture and science.
— Marie Boulton, Aberdeen City Council Deputy Leader Councillor

Simply hold your mobile device up to one of the trigger images and watch as it springs to life before your eyes. Listen through headphones for the best experience. 

Download the ILLUMINATORS OF ABERDEEN app here

Features include:

  • A series of 6 videos about extraordinary people and their remarkable achievements from Aberdeen’s past.
  • Augmented reality SCAN function that allows you to trigger the videos from a trail of light boxes or anywhere you see the 6 trigger images.
  • Animations created using rich archival material from a range of sources.
  • A GALLERY where you can play the videos directly through the app.


We would like to thank all the academics, archivists, museum curators and individuals who have contributed to the development of this app. 

- App design and all videos created by Stand + Stare
- Voice over by Samantha Whates
- Initial app concept designed in collaboration with Ruth Farrar
- App development by SeGames
- 'How it works' illustrations by Hugh Cowling
- All other credits and thanks are displayed at the end of the videos


Frame a light box in the viewfinder and watch it come to life. 


Enjoy the stories without the light boxes directly through the gallery.

Click on the trigger images to see them full screen or download them here!