Post-Truth Tour guides

Exploring new methods of museum navigation

We are researching and designing new tools to help visitors navigate museums and galleries in playful  and surprising ways.

The overall aim is to create a way for the visitor to engage with items in new and unexpected ways and really question what they are looking at. In a world of post-truth news reporting, where even reputable sources have to be questioned, we want to bring a new perspective to the museum-goer, where interpretation and context are scrutinised more thoroughly. In our use of post-truth, we are not dispelling the truth, we are just creating new ways of navigating between artefacts and forging new links between the artefacts and ourselves.  

Through this project we are exploring three main areas: firstly, creating exciting new methods of navigating museums. Secondly, exploring novel methods of ‘semi-believable interfaces’ and mischievous human-computer interactions. Thirdly, raising debate and discussion around the hot topic of a ‘post truth‘ society.

Post Truth Tour Guides have been funded by the University of Bristol’s Brigstow Institute. We are working in collaboration with computer scientist Pete Bennet on this project, and testing our ideas with the support of Bristols Museums and At-Bristol