Rebellious Sounds Archive - Listening booth

Touring the south west of england spring/summer 2018

We were commissioned by Dreadnought South West to design and build a touring Sound Booth that presents a collection of women's contemporary stories of activism.

2018 commemorates the centenary of the very first votes for some women in 1918. This change would not have been possible without the female suffrage activists, militant suffragettes and law-abiding suffragists, who campaigned for women’s democratic rights over one hundred years ago.

Dreadnought South West’s Rebellious Sounds Archive seeks to explore the ways in which women in the South West have continued to contribute to activism, in all its forms, over the past 100 years.

The Listening Booth is designed to look like a voting booth to remind users of the centenary of the right to vote for some women. Excerpts from the oral histories collected for the Rebellious Sounds Archive have been loaded on to interactive voting cards. Listeners put on a pair of headphones and choose a voting card to place in the slot; this will play their chosen story of women's activism. 

This Heritage Lottery Funded project made possible by National Lottery players, focuses on creating the very first community archive of stories of women’s activism.

The Listening Booth is touring the region, enabling women’s voices to be heard in an exciting new way. Wear a pair of headphones, cast your vote and immerse yourself in the stories.

If you have a story of women’s activism you would like to share, please get in touch with Project Coordinator Carmen Talbot on


Exploring one hundred years of women’s activism in the South West