The Car Show

We are the pioneers of the ‘performance in cars’ philosophy, and we pride ourselves on being the first to offer the public an affordable  yet personal service, which promises both quality and originality.

Visit our show and meet our team of dedicated salesmen who will assist you in deciding which of our five minute performances to choose from.

Flight of the Princess

An audio experience where the audience sit in the back of a car wearing a blindfold and headphones. Through the use of binaural technology audiences feel as if they are right at the centre of the story, with characters climbing over their heads and bees buzzing around them.

Nobody Smiles in Frisco

Inspired by American Film Noir, this show uses a blacked-out car with a drive-in style movie projected onto the inside windscreen. A female character appears on screen and is nearly run over by the car before she slides around the bonnet and enters via the passenger door. The audience is then witness to a scene between her and the male driver, who mainly discuss ‘The Box’ that’s sits throughout on the back seat.


Two wind-up robots cross a golden bridge and fall in love to the sounds of Dolly Parton’s ‘Here You Come Again’.

The Secret Car Club

Through the use of a short wave radio signal picked up by the car radio the audience are instructed to do things by the ‘miniature people’ who live inside the car. Find the hats, open the windows, etc.