The Children of Modernity

Rossie Heath was monochromatically colour blind from birth. On 14th June 1972 a miracle occurred. She dived into a lake and emerged from the crystal waters into a new world of colour. She was healed and The Children of Modernity was born.

This piece is set in the early 1970s on a commune called The Children of Modernity. Rossie has gone missing. Through a series of interactions and explorations, we invite our audiences to find out what happened to her.

Up to eight audience members at a time sit inside a bell tent where they uncover and experience the story via various means including voice over; video projection; a binaural (3d) audio recording; musical soundtrack; and a series of clues. The clues encourage exploration of the tent, where the audience find a key, a tape and a letter that lead them from one element of the story to the next.

Read a review by Benjamin Mengebier for a-n:

…being submerged in the set and interacting in the story makes it feel very real and very emotional. Beautiful.
— Audience member at PopUpHOUSE, Berwick Street, Sept 2010.
I especially like how you utilised all senses in the experience.
— Audience member at PopUpHOUSE, Berwick Street, Sept 2009