Theatre Jukebox

An arcade-style cabinet that plays stories in a unique way. See it at Battersea Arts Centre, London (permanent)

Is This A Dagger?

An exploration of RSC props. See it at The Barbican, London, 29th Nov 2014 - 24th Jan 2015.

I Will Always Have You

Mapping the tattooing culture of Knowle West. See it at Knowle West Media Centre, Bristol, until 19th Dec

Interactive Design | Immersive Theatre

Stand + Stare is the artistic collaboration of brother and sister, Barney and Lucy Heywood. We create interactive exhibitions and installations with a narrative focus for a range of settings. Our work often uses documentary and archival material, but, with roots in theatre, we are not afraid to stray into fiction. We tend to focus on tangible, real things, such objects that you can handle or books you flick through. These are enhanced through the use of digital technology, which allows us to add greater depth to the experiences we create. 

We make work for theatres, festivals, commercial clients, media agencies, museums, libraries and universities. We also run workshops and give lectures based on our projects and experience.

We’re a resident company at the Pervasive Media Studio in central Bristol, and also have an office near by at The Parlour in St Nicks Market.