Turning the Page: Memories of Travel – Successful REACT Pump Priming Fund

We are thrilled to have been awarded the REACT Pumping fund in collaboration with Dr. Tim Cole from the University of Bristol.

Turning the Page: Memories of Travel opens up individual and shared stories of far-flung places to armchair travellers in the heart of Bristol, bringing the best of TripAdvisor and travel blogs to the dog-eared pages of the travel guidebook. By inserting touch technologies into the guidebook, stories come to life by triggering anecdotes, images, and maps.

This research project will build on our recent work with Theatre Jukebox, allowing us to expand on both the technology and its application.


What is the REACT Pump Priming Fund?

"The REACT Pump Priming Fund is designed to support academics and creative economy partnerships in developing new collaborative ideas. We understand that knowledge exchange in the creative economy is a new process for many academics and that there are many creatives who can see the potential of working with Universities but don’t know where to start. This REACT scheme is designed to resource those first steps towards developing a compelling collaborative bid that could be taken forward to REACT or other potential investors."

REACT Director, Jonathan Dovey.

We will keep you up to date as the project progresses.