Platforms for Haunting at SXSW 2013 - Lucy's on the panel!

We’re excited to announce that REACT has been selected by voters to run a panel at SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas in March 2013, and Lucy is on the panel.


Organised by REACT producer Jo and inspired by Heritage Sandbox projects, Platforms for Haunting: The Talking Dead will explore our relationship with mortality in a digital age. The panel will discuss the creative potential of our desire to communicate beyond the grave, explore whether new technologies are having a impact on end of life planning and discuss the balance between sensitivity and bravery in designing haunting creative experiences.

We want to move the conversation beyond discussions of data legacy to ask whether we can engender a new form of history, one that allows us to interact with the dead.

On the panel will be:

- John Troyer from The Centre for Death and Society (and academic partner on Future Cemetery, Heritage Sandbox project)

- David Kirk Culture Lab

- Tim Cole University of Bristol (and academic partner on Reflecting the Past, Heritage Sandbox project)

- Lucy Heywood 

Curious to know what to expect? Watch panel member John Troyer’s recent TEDxBristol talk on future death, the future body and the future cemetery to get in the spirit: