Video Jukebox for new exhibition at the British Council

Blurring the Lines at the British Council HQ, 10 Spring Gardens, London SW1A 2BN (just off Trafalgar Square) until 19 Dec 2014.

Video Jukebox is a new iteration of our Theatre Jukebox, and has been produced for an exhibition at the British Council HQ called Blurring the Lines. The platform is essentially a plinth with various objects on top, each relating to a different area within the exhibition. Visitors are invited to choose one of these objects and place it in the center of the plinth, this triggers a film about that particular subject. By returning the object, the film fades back to the invitation screen.

Blurring the Lines, produced by Watershed and curator Ian Danby explores and celebrates new ideas and communities, which are changing the way we experience culture. This new exhibition brings together for the first time a range of entrepreneurs, artists, filmmakers, architects, designers, musicians and curators, all pushing the boundaries of their cultural world.

From Elena Fortes, whose film festival Ambulante is bringing documentary to unorthodox places in Mexico, to Ridwan Kamil who is reshaping the identity of his Indonesian city through good design, all the artists are working in a place where the lines are blurred and change is a reality.

Ian Danby, co-curator and Watershed collaborator, explains the thinking behind the exhibition:

‘We wanted Blurring the Lines to be playful and engaging, clear and distinctive. The 16 individuals highlighted chose an object that represented their practice to be displayed - from Playmobil security check points, synthesizers, to notebooks and GPS devices. Stand and Stare have created a brilliant video jukebox and you can listen to secrets using Dan Williams’ digital cans on strings. The elements of sound, film, interactivity and working prototypes are included to showcase and bring the stories to life making the exhibition feel as engaging and innovative as the people and their stories. We can't wait for the public to arrive and start exploring.'

So if you’re in London, drop by and see the exhibition at the British Council, 10 Spring Gardens, SW1A 2BN until 19 Dec 2014. Admission is free.

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