Is This A Dagger? at the Barbican Centre until 24th Jan 2015

Our exhibition for The Royal Shakespeare Company, Is This A Dagger?, has transferred to the Barbican Centre and will be on display in the Mezzanine-level foyer during the run of Henry IV Parts I & II (until 24th Jan 2015).

This interactive exhibition explores the fascinating world of theatrical props through beautifully handcrafted objects made by the RSC Props Department. Choose a prop from the shelves to discover its story, including how it came to life and how it was used on stage.

You are invited to peek behind the scenes and hear directly from people who make, source and use theatrical props every day. Among the objects on display are the marotte used by Sylvester McCoy whilst playing the Fool to Ian McKellen’s Lear (2007), a sample of the trellis from the throne used by David Tennant in Richard II (2013) and a replica of a severed hand made for Bring Up the Bodies (2013).

About the RSC Property Department 
The RSC property workshop is a fascinating treasure-trove of precious, perplexing and downright peculiar props. The RSC's team of workers make, source or find props for all RSC productions, at home and abroad. Prop makers require a multitude of skills: carving, sculpting, basket-weaving, plastic moulding, cabinet-making, metalwork, soldering, embroidery, upholstery making and casting, to name just a few. The work is extremely detailed. Accuracy according to period is essential, and much time is spent consulting reference books, researching items on the internet and visiting museums for meticulous study.