Tangible Memories

Developing new technologies in care homes to enable the sharing, discussion and creation of stories.

The Tangible Memories Project aims to improve the quality of life for people living in care homes through the sharing of life histories. Our team of learning researchers, computer scientists, social historians, practitioners who work with older adults, digital artists and makers are seeking creative ways, using digital technology, to attach these stories to tangible things like personal possessions, handcrafted objects or print-on-demand books.

Working with older people at every stage, these new digital tools are designed to help address some of the challenges facing people living in care homes. Through creating tangible digital resources such as memory objects and digital books we are supporting them to build stronger communities through sharing stories with each other and enabling them to leave a legacy of their memories for future generations.

Tangible Memories began in October 2013 and runs until June  2015. We will hold a conference in June at Watershed, Bristol. This will be a chance to discuss all the success stories and issues raised by the project and to showcase our working prototypes.

Tangible Memories is a University of Bristol project, which is funded by the AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council) through capital funding from the Connected Communities and Digital Transformations themes.

Download the Tangible Memories app here.


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