Rufina and the Lion - Cityread 2018

Explore the world of the Muse by Jessie Burton - at the Ideastore Whitechapel until the end of MAy 2018

For Cityread 2018 we created an interactive exhibition that introduces visitors to the world of The Muse by Jessie Burton.

Meet Odelle Bastien, recently arrived from Trinidad. It’s London 1967 and a lost masterpiece arrives in Odelle’s life. The secret history of Rufina and the Lion lies with Olive Schloss in 1936, in Spain on the eve of civil war.

For this exhibition visitors are invited to enter the world of Odelle and Olive and discover the secrets of the mysterious painting that connects them. Step inside Odelle’s London flat and Olive’s Andalusian studio, and listen to extracts from the book by simply touching the numbered paint dabs hidden within the rooms. 

Cityread London
A massive, interactive book group for the capital. Read The Muse with Londoners across the city throughout May and join in at one their events taking place across London, Reading, Luton and Slough. 

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With thanks to Audible, Picador, OverDrive, Ideastore and all the public library partners. 

Jo Lathwood - fabrication and install
Scenic Sets - painting of Rufina and the Lion
Simon Tozer - illustrations
Pete Bennett - tech support


Odelle's Flat

Click on the points to here the extracts. Illustrations by Simon Tozer

Olive's Room

Click on the points to here the extracts. Illustrations by Simon Tozer