Call out for Contributors - Turning the Page: Memories of Travel

Hi Folks,


We need your help with our new project, Turning the Page. As an extension/spin-off of Theatre Jukebox, we want to animate the pages of a guidebook with stories, soundscapes and possibly projection. So, this is a very warm invitation to you to please help us out by contributing some of your tales, travel mementoes and old guidebooks if you can part with them.

Your contribution can either be linked to a memory of travel, or, if you’re going away somewhere soon, it would be great if you could bring us back a story of your trip and perhaps a small token that reminds you of what happened.

Imagine if your well-thumbed, outdated Rough Guide could talk. Think of the stories it would tell about the places it’s been, the characters encountered and narrow escapes along the way.

If you would be happy to give a little bit of time and a souvenir or two, here’s how you can help:

1.)  Donate a small object (preferably something that could be used as a bookmark) and tell us about a memory attached to that object. If you are going away, it would be ideal if you could send us an audio recording of your story/anecdote whilst you’re there (or stories if you get really into it.) If not, just record or write down your memory and send it to us with your object/s.

2.)  Donate a used guidebook. Please leave in any notes, bookmarks or additions – the more battered, the better.

These stories will be curated by Professor Tim Cole of the University of Bristol and Stand + Stare in a prototype installation that will be showcased in May in Bristol (details of where and when tbc). Your contributions may be used in the prototype or at a later stage of the project, but all will form an invaluable part of our research.

If you have any questions about the project, please email

Thanks for reading,

Lucy, Barney and Tim