Everyday Relics

Select an object and see it brought to life.

At the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), Manchester from 25 Nov 2013 - 29 June 2014.

Feel a connection with the lives and times of Manchester's past when you pick an object from MOSI’s collection and see it brought to life in our exhibition, Everyday Relics.

As artists in residence, we have responded to the Museum’s collections by making a selection of artifacts that are, or were at one time, considered 'everyday'.

Each of these often overlooked objects tells an important story about Manchester's industrial past, its role as a modern city and about the lives of its people.

You're invited to pick up and examine the objects, while animations and photographs illustrate their stories, and oral histories reveal their secrets.

By holding something in your hands, you gain a direct connection to the lives of those who have touched and used it before you. We hope that this experience will encourage you to think about the everyday relics in your own lives.

Each of these Everyday Relics can take you to a time and place you thought you had forgotten or help you imagine lives you’ve never known.
— MOSI Director Jean Franczyk