The Eye of The Hare

Pip Heywood has worked as a documentary film editor for over 30 years. With this autobiographical piece, he applies that craft to live performance.

He explores the threads of continuity in his family, a serious accident, and the act of story telling itself. By juxtaposing broad themes like his love of landscape with intimate details such as the feel of his mum’s silk dress, Pip weaves together a story that relates to all of us.

Working with a 16mm film editor’s pic-synch and a live camera feed projected on stage, he guides the audience through the processes of editing. As he cuts and splices, the multi-layered story of his life unfolds through personal archives, paintings and poetry

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Using the material from the show we have made a book.

This is an interactive book that combines photos, paintings, text, sound and film – an autobiography with a difference. A film editor writes about his life, telling it as he would a documentary, breaking the chronology. It’s a story about family continuity, creativity, a serious accident, and the nature of storytelling itself.