Night Film

Random House Trade Book Launch for Night Film written by Marisha Pessl.

Night Film is a psychological literary thriller in which New Yorker Scott McGrath sets out to investigate the apparent suicide of Ashley Cordova, 24 year old daughter of the famous and reclusive movie director, Stanislas Cordova.

“The space around Cordova distorts. The speed of light slackens, information gets scrambled, rational minds grow illogical, hysterical.”

We were commissioned by Random House to create a one-off event for the trade launch of Night Film. The publishers were excited to present the author Marisha Pessl who read from her new book and we set the scene by introducing our guests to the dark and unnerving world of Night Film.

Attendees became the guests of an exclusive 1960s party where they heard rumours about the elusive director Cordova; met that charming young film star who gave them a glimpse of what was to come; and experienced an unforgettable incident with a briefcase.

We worked with Naomi Said to direct this piece. Naomi also performed alongside David Beames and Jonnie Riordan.

Best launch party ever @houseofwolf. There was laughter. There was music. There was a gun.
— Marisha Pessl (via twitter)