Turning The Page

Imagine if your well-thumbed, outdated guide book could talk. Think of the stories it would tell about the places it’s been, the characters encountered and narrow escapes along the way.

Through this intimate installation you are invited to investigate a series of clues hidden within a guidebook that magically come to life as you turn the pages.

How do books act as repositories of treasures and triggers of memories? When we read a book, do we leave something of ourselves in and on its pages?

We have worked with Professor Tim Cole of the University of Bristol and Naomi Said to develop this piece through a REACT Pump Priming Grant at Bristol’s Pervasive Media Studio. All the media was recorded by Naomi on a trip to China in Nov/Dec 2012.

We are also researching an app that will allow us to insert similar content into guidebooks without the installation.

If only all holiday snaps could now be outlawed and this be the way friends and family tell you about the brilliant experiences they have had in foreign climes.
— Bristol Culture